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Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Last All Day Long

Have you ever spent hours doing your makeup, only for it all to melt away by lunchtime? We’ve all been there. It’s something that can happen all year round – and not just in the summer. There’s nothing more annoying than having to carry your makeup bag around with you to reapply a full face of makeup. As the makeup starts to melt off, it can leave an uneven texture behind and make it look like you’re wearing last night’s makeup.


If you find yourself nodding along to this, it’s a sign that you might be doing something wrong that’s causing your makeup to melt off. We’re sharing some of the most common reasons and how you can fix them.


  • You touch your face too often

Touching your hair too often can make it greasy – and your skin is just the same. If you find yourself touching your face throughout the day, you can expect your makeup to start to melt and break down. If you want to keep your makeup going all day long, stop touching your face!


  • You forget about blotting

If you have oily skin, you’ll know about the chaos that excess oil can cause to your makeup. You might get to lunchtime and see that your face looks as shiny as a disco ball. You want to be carrying around a packet of blotting sheets or a beauty blender to remove the excess oil and rejuvenate your makeup to keep it lasting longer.


  • You’re skipping primer

It’s easy to think that primer is a clever marketing tactic that you don’t actually need. In reality, it can be the saviour for your makeup and keep it going all day long. If you find that your foundation is starting to melt away without a few hours, then it’s time to invest in a primer to prolong your foundation.


  • ….and you’re skipping setting spray

Setting spray is another product that people often put into the same ‘gimmick’ category as primers, but it makes a world of difference. This step isn’t something that you have to do every day, but it’s an easy way to give your makeup a boost on hotter days or when you need your makeup to last from day to night. You don’t have to break the bank with a setting spray or primer. It’s all about choosing products with the right ingredients.


  • You’re wearing too many makeup products

It’s true. You can have too much of a good thing – with makeup being no exception. If your makeup keeps sweating off, it’s worth taking a look at your routine and when you’re applying your products. Most of us do our skincare routine right before applying foundation, which can spell disaster for its longevity.


You want to be waiting at least 5 minutes after using a moisturiser before applying foundation. You also want to try and keep your makeup to thin layers and avoid using more products than you need. Embrace the idea of skinimalism and streamline your routine.


Do you struggle to get your makeup to last all day long? What tips and tricks do you use to keep your makeup going from day to night? Let us know in the comments below!



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