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When You Should Throw Away Old Makeup Products

Did you know that makeup products have an expiration date? That old mascara that’s gathering dust at the back of your vanity is likely doing more harm than good. Most of us are guilty of keeping makeup beyond its expiration date – especially if you have a larger collection of makeup. If you have drawers upon drawers of products, then the likelihood is that most of them will have expired.


Our guide gives you a run-through of the expiration dates for your favourite makeup products. Just like food expiration dates, these dates are there for a reason.



Your average mascara will last you four to six months – or until it starts to smell like it’s gone off. You’ll also know that your mascara has expired when it starts to come out of the tub in clumps. If there are any products that you don’t want to be used past their expiration date, it’s eye products. Using an expired mascara can cause sties or infections. Make sure to tightly close your mascara between use and never share it with anyone else.



Your eyeliner has a lifespan of up to one year. If you’re using a pencil eyeliner, you want to get rid of it as soon as the liner starts producing an oily substance or has a white film across the tip. Liquid eyeliners are good for six months, but you should dispose of them as soon as they start to become thicker. You want to remember that the tip of your eyeliner is coming into direct contact with your eyes.



Your concealer will generally have a lifespan of one year. If you’re using a stick or pan concealer, you’ll know the concealer has expired when it cracks, or the formula turns tough. If your liquid concealer starts to smell, becomes oily, or starts to separate, it’s time to dump it. You can help expand your concealer’s lifespan by making sure you tightly close the container and avoid applying it directly with your hands.



Similarly, your foundation will usually last for up to a year if you keep it out of direct sunlight. When you see the liquid begin to separate or thicken, it’s time to get rid of it. Just like a concealer, you want to avoid putting your fingers into the container, especially if it’s a compact foundation. Make sure you’re regularly brushing your face brushes as well.


5.Blush and eyeshadow

Cream formulas will last you up to one year, while powder formulas can last two years. When the powder starts to crumble or develops a white crust, it’s time to dump it. You’ll notice your cream products start to expire when the formula thickens, and it develops an unpleasant smell.



You can usually get around eight months of use out of your lipstick before it expires, but that depends on how often you use it. If the lipstick starts to smell like rubber or turns gooey, it’s a sign that it’s expired. You’ll also want to dump your lipstick if you use it when you have a cold sore.


While makeup is an investment, using expired makeup products can lead to infections and breakouts.


How often do you change out your makeup products? Let us know in the comments below!


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