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The Makeup Brushes You Actually Need and How to Use Them

If you’ve ever stepped into a department store, you’ve probably seen the sets of makeup brushes that come with 20 – or maybe even 50 different brushes. These brushes can set you back a pretty penny, and the truth is that you don’t need all those makeup brushes. There are two types of people in the beauty community – those who have stacks of makeup brushes and those who keep it streamlined with just a few staples. We’re deep-diving into the world of makeup brushes to tell you which ones you actually need and how to use them.


1. Kabuki brushes

When you’re starting to build your makeup brush collection, you want to keep it streamlined with multi-tasking brushes that can pack a bunch. A synthetic kabuki brush is a must-have as it can help you apply liquid foundation flawlessly, pack on ultra-fine powders, or even work with body makeup.


Kabuki brushes have denser bristles, meaning you’ll need to use a little pressure to help work the pigment or foundation into your skin. Work the product in swirls across your skin to help buff it in.


2. Blending sponge

While it’s not technically a brush, you will find it in the same section of the beauty store. Blending sponges are one of the most popular and versatile tools you can have in your makeup bag. These handy sponges give you an airbrushed finish to your makeup, meaning you don’t have to worry about any odd lines caused by your stippling brush. You can use a blending sponge to apply anything from a full-coverage foundation to a cream blush.


The secret to using a blending sponge is to place it under water first before squeezing out the access. When the sponge is damp, it stops the material from soaking up all your product as it’s already wet. You can use the broader side of the sponge to apply products over your cheek, while the tip works on the crevices of your face.


3. Bronzer or blush brush

When it comes to powder brushes, you don’t need one for every type of product. Invest in one that is versatile and has long but soft bristles to help evenly distribute the pigment onto your skin. You want to choose a fluffier brush as this stops you from applying too much blush or concealer. 


Knowing how to use a blush or bronzer brush correctly with make or break the application process. You want to loosely pick up pigment before sweeping it over your face in a ‘3’ shape pattern for bronzer while focusing on the apples of your cheek for blush.


4. Eyeshadow blender brush

While you can apply products like a highlighter with your fingers in a pinch, you want to have a blending eyeshadow brush in your collection. It helps to blend out the pigment, whether you want a natural or a smoky eye.

This brush is one of the easiest to use as you use it by swiping it across the crease of your lid in a windshield-wiper style motion before swirling it at the edges for a transitional look.


If you’re starting your makeup collection or want to give it a refresh, these are the four brushes that you should start with. As long as you have these, you can create a full face of makeup. What is your go-to makeup brush? Let us know in the comments below!



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